Samsung Introduces Galaxy Note 9

The world’s largest smartphone manufacturer Samsung has unveiled on Thursday the Samsung Galaxy Note 9– an updated, but not exactly revolutionary, addition to its smartphone, It also launched its first Galaxy smartwatch as well as a smart speaker called Galaxy Home.

Samsung Introduces Galaxy Note 9:

The Note 9, will, however, be available in stores from August 24 but will be available for pre-order starting Friday 10th, August has the same look and feel of other like another Note device, the screen is slightly bigger though than its predecessor at 6.4 inches. Like other Galaxy phones, the Note 9 is water resistant and features an infinity display and wireless charging. Moreover, unlike the iPhone, it still has a headphone jack.

The Note 9’s camera:

The “intelligent camera” knows what you’re photographing and automatically enhances the image’s colours and focus. No need for image editing.
The camera uses artificial intelligence to identify up to 20 types of scenes, including landscapes, food, flowers, people and lots more.

However, the camera over, says, a plate of fries, and a fork and spoon icon appears above the flash symbol, indicating it recognises what’s in the image. It then enhances saturation, white balance, brightness and contrast depending on the settings.

Meanwhile, a flaw detection tool flags when people have their eyes closed, an image is blurry, the lens is smudged, or there’s a lighting issue. After pictures are taken, a notification identifies the problem so that you can snap it again.

Battery life and storage:

The Note 9 gets a significant upgrade when it comes to battery life- Samsung however, promises you will be able to go all day before it’s time to recharge. More extended batteries often rank high up on costumes’ wishes lists.
The new phone gets an internal storage upgrade, too. Users can choose between 128GB or 512GB.


The Note’s signature S Pen, now in brighter colours like yellow and purple, packs a smarter punch than its predecessor.

The stylus, which connects to the phone with Bluetooth, now acts as a remote control. It can interact with a phone from up to 30 feet away and lets you pause music, snap a selfie or change slides on a PowerPoint presentation by pressing its button.

You slide the S Pen into a slot on the device to charge it. Samsung claims you’ll get 30 minutes of “standby” juice after charging it for one minute.

Note 9 colours and pricing:

Samsung hopes to differentiate itself with a pop of colour, too. The Note 7 will be available in only blue and purple in the United States. Outside the US, it’ll come in black and copper. If you’re not into those colours, you may want to cover up with a case.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 goes for $999.99, about N358 thousand while the 512GB version will cost you $1,249.99, Approximately N450 thousand Naira.


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