Femi Falana Cries Out For Urgent Restructuring In Nigeria

Nigerian Human Rights Lawyer, Femi Falana (SAN), yesterday, has cried out for

a need of urgent restructuring in Nigeria.

Falana made the call on Wednesday while speaking at the Mike Okonkwo Annual Lecture in Lagos.

Femi Falana Cries Out For Urgent Restructuring In Nigeria:

“The restructuring I’m talking about is not the one that will put more money in the pockets of rulers.

“It is a restructuring that will transfer the enormous power at the center to the federating units. Don’t be talking of 2023. What is of urgency now is restructuring,” He lauded.

He also believes that the issue of state policing among others needs to be immediately addressed to fix some of the challenges the nation currently faces.

“You want to police Lagos, but you bring a policeman from Sokoto like the colonialists will do, and you take somebody from Lagos to Sokoto. Policing begins with intelligence gathering,” Says Femi Falana.

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