Having A Boyfriend Is Now An Occupation In Nigeria

Very many years ago it was out of the norm for girls to publicly say “This is My Boyfriend,” Let alone mention it to their parents,

that they were seeing someone in Nigeria.

However, times have changed, with exposure giving birth to new trends in our society, as many people will say “Civilization,”

however, most girls do not have to shy away anymore, but can boldly introduce their “Boyfriends,” even to Parents, which is fantastic.

Having Boyfriends Are Now Occupations In Nigeria:

Most trending is total dependence on “Boyfriends” by most Girls. Firstly, Let’s get one thing straight,

I am an Ambassador of Dudes treating their women right, most especially when you’re havin’ there is entirely nothing wrong about that.

Nowadays, having a “Boyfriend” has further transformed into an “Occupation,” the situation has gone so porous

that when a young girl or lady tells her friends or even parents “I am broke” the next available question she gets is “Don’t You Have A Boyfriend?”

OR “Is Your Boyfriend Not Working?” LIKE SERIOUSLY!?

Most recently, A social media user Harmony Ajuma Paul, and a student of Madonna University in Nigeria, recently advertised for a “Boyfriend,” and what She wrote was alarming.



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