Mass Hysteria In Abuja Over Earth Shakes

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A considerable panic and mass hysteria are currently a state of the nation, as a massive Earth tremor has been ongoing, in the city of Abuja, Nigerian Capital, and

nearby surroundings the last two days.

However, the Earth Shake intensified and got more violent early hours of this morning Friday 7th Sept. 2018, Leaving residents

of the Abuja Metropolis in a fearful state and running for their lives, more especially those residing around the Maitama and Mpape Area.

Mass Hysteria In Abuja Over Earth Shakes:

Residents in Abuja-Nigeria has, however, reported that the massive Earth Shakes were further accompanied with a loud bang, which has left houses and cars shaking.

The FCT Emergency Management Agency FEMA, has further issued a Press Statement following Earth Shakes.


The Senate President Bukola Saraki, however, took to Twitter asking people in Abuja to please remain calm and avoid panic, as this can only worsen the state of the Nation.

Senator Dino Melaye has further called on all relevant authorities and emergency response to be vigilant and should be ready to respond to any emergency within the Abuja Metropolis during this period.

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