Donald Duke Delivers A Presidential Message To Nigerians

Just a while ago, Presidential aspirant Donald Duke, for 2019 Nigerian Presidential election has delivered a keynote presidential message to Nigerians, in a press conference.

According to Donald Duke, his mandate is to ensure that Nigeria as a Nation returns to course by creating an enabling environment that can encourage productivity and growth as well as justice in its entirety.

However, According to Mr Donald Duke, politicians come up with campaign promises every four years, end up raising the hopes of the Nigeria people without delivering on promises, but all of that narrative has to change now, as #EveryOneMatters say, Donald Duke

Donald Duke Delivers A Presidential Message To Nigerians:


Let me start by thanking the Social Democratic Party for the organisation of the convention on Saturday

I would also like to thank my co-runners for their sportsmanship and their commitment to work together as our goals are the same. To get Nigeria on track.

A nation without justice as an anchor will fail, and it is our aim to correct that, to bring justice into our country.

The failure of Nigeria will have consequences reaching far beyond our borders. We cannot allow that happen.

We must stop treating symptoms of the problem as opposed to the problem itself.

Successive governments have failed to create an environment which encourages productivity.

My motto and that of this campaign coming into this election is simple; Everyone Matters. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what you believe in, everyone matters.

Every four years, every electoral cycle, Nigeria raises the hopes of the world, that this time, we will get it right. Unfortunately, we have not yet gotten it right. That is about to change.

We intend to do things differently. We are the suitable and credible alternative that Nigeria desires and needs.

Personality-driven campaigns have gotten us nowhere. We must focus on the strength of ideas and run issue-based campaigns.

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