I Have Been Offered $1M Just To Show Of My Daughter

American rapper Cardi and hubby Offset have decided to keep their baby girl away from the world right now.

Since the welcome of baby Kulture Kiari Cephus, back in July. both rap parents Cardi B, and Offset of Migos decided to keep kulture off

the path of both social and terrestrial media, choosing instead to keep her out of the public eye after receiving numerous threats from the internet.

According to Cardi B, she recently turned down a one million dollars deal to expose her daughter to the media

I Have Been Offered $1M Just To Show Of My Daughter:

” I got offered seven figures, I’m just not ready yet,”

“I’m not even ready yet to have a damn babysitter.”


” My baby. That’s all I give a f– k about right now,” she told the outlet. “I’m thinking about how my money’s going to last so this girl is 21

and put in college. I’m thinking about investments. I’m thinking about five years from now and about the craziest s– t like, How am I going to discipline this girl?”


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