Kaduna Killings

Kaduna in Nigeria recently has witnessed another bloodbath, as the total number of innocent victims that were murdered in the Southern Kaduna killings are yet to be ascertained.


However, it is quite unfortunate that killings and abductions have become the other of the day in Nigeria with no significance of ending anytime soon, this is most devastating.

It’s very evident, to say the least, that Nigeria as a Nation has failed to exhibit a modus Vivendi as our peaceful coexistence has been unable to exist. However,

Nigerians have reacted to this situation as disheartening and senseless amongst other killings.

A curfew has been ordered by the Governor of Kaduna state Nasir Ahmed Elrufai, as the governor is said to meet with

the head of security agencies to review the Kaduna Killings.
Our heart goes out to all those, who’s love once were victims of the Kaduna killings


Bill Okoi Arikpo
Founder & Publisher
Billzbox Media


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