Kim Kardashian Bodyguard Pascal Duvier Sued For $6.1M

It’s been expertly two years since reality star Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in

Paris, France following a security breach and negligence by Kim’s security Pascal Duvier.

According to reports, the Paris robbers made away with 10 Million Dollars in cash and pieces of

jewelry, from Kim Kard, and was forcefully pushed into her bath top, while Pascal Duvier, her Bodyguard was busy having fun in a nearby club.

Kim Kardashian Bodyguard Pascal Duvier Sued For $6.1M:

AIG Insurance, however, paid Kim Kardashian, Six Million One hundred Thousand Dollars as part of her insurance, in October 2016.

Pascal Duvier and his security company which he works are currently on a “HOT SEAT” as AIG Insurance has sued Pascal two years later for the negligence of duty.

Kim Kardashian, who narrated her terrifying moments, said during the robbery attack at gunpoint in France, she felt like that was it and that she was going to die.

According To AIG Insurance:

The Defendant knew or Should have known that improperly protecting the insured could result in the loss of life, limbs, or property, and a high degree of danger was present

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