Presidency Blast PDP Over Buhari’s Certificate

Mr Shehu Garba, President Muhammadu Buhari’s The Senior Special Assistant, on Media and Publicity, have descended hard on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), following the Buhari’s Certificate saga.


Shehu Garba, however, has said in a statement through his Twitter handle, that the efforts by the PDP to go to court over the certificate of President Buhari, as a waste of Time.


We have read that the failed Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is going to court to challenge the President’s West African School Certificate (WASC).

This is a waste of time because we have the record of this and of higher qualifications obtained by hard work and genuinely merited by Mr President.

This certificate story is an old one. As Femi Adesina stated clearly, it is a settled issue in the courts. To approach the court to pursue a matter long resolved by the temple of justice is an abuse of the judicial system. It is shameful, disgusting and disgraceful.

It is clear to all at this time that the PDP, facing an imminent humiliating defeat wants to sow division and chaos by seeking the destruction of the institutional structures that support our young democracy.

They are attacking the courts and the police; they are molesting INEC commissioners. They are theatrical in spreading falsehoods against persons including the President.

By doing these, they assume that they can take away attention from the discussions on issues gaining momentum in the country; the question of internal security which has been jeopardised by years of near-zero investment under 16 years of the PDP.
The provision of long-delayed infrastructure which the President is pioneering; corruption to which the PDP is incurably tied and the sustenance of the prevailing good days in the economy, a business-friendly government working day and night, creating more jobs and affordable living for the poor.

This election isn’t about the settled issues of certification.
No matter how honeyed their sweet words, don’t believe them.
Their evil record can never be washed away. The PDP set a record of murdering opponents of government and corruption on a scale never seen anywhere before.

They put the national security at stake by diverting huge budgetary allocations to service their greed. Don’t believe their honeyed promises.

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