Rapper Cardi B Gets A Lamborghini from Hubby, With A Twist

American rapper Cardi B has just been gifted with a brown new Lamborghini, from her husband Offset.

However, the fantastic gift came to Cardi B, with a twist from her husband.

According to Cardi, She was on her way to Los Angeles, when she got a call telling saying her husband Offset was in an emergency and she needed to get down to the clinic.

Rapper Cardi B Gets A Lamborghini from Hubby, With A Twist:

According to Cardi B, after crying for Two hours, she picked up the courage to get down to the hospital, since no one was picking up her calls.


Surprisingly for Cardi B, upon arriving at the clinic after been pranked, rather than meeting her husband Offset in a sick state, she instead got a surprise gift of Lamborghini for her birthday as she turned 26.

Excited Cardi B, however, calls it a Lamboghini Truck as she took to instagram to share with her fans








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