Ariana Grande Hit Billboard No1 After Splitting With Pete Davidson

Famous “No More Tears Left To Cry” singer Ariana Grande, officially hits her first ever No:1 on the #Billboard Chart after releasing “Thank You, Next”.


Ariana, who suffered a heartbreak weeks ago following her split up with the love of her life Pete Davidson, in a bit to clear off her head in expression of her pains, decided to hit the studio as she did a clapback to Pete on one of her songs saying “Thank You, Next”.

However, this emotional lines from Ariana, has brought her a fortune she never envisaged, Ariana Grande upon the release of her “Thank You, Next”, 48 hours later found herself crawling into the top 20’spot of the #Billboard digital chart, ranking number eighteen of twenty.


Following millions of downloads from Ariana Grande’s Thank You, Next clapback song in expression of her misfortune from her relationship with Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande officially hit the No:1 spot on the #Billboard digital chart musical list.

Apparently, this is indeed the full meaning of the phrase that goes by “Every Disappointment Is A Blessing “

Congratulations Ariana Grande, “THANK YOU, NEXT”

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