Nigerian Lady Blackmailed Over Her Nudes

A Nigerian social media user, who goes by the name Funkelecia, has cried out following a blackmail on her after her nude pictures got into the hands of the wrong person.


According to Funkelecia, who took to twitter to plead with the general public to help her, has allegedly stated that her IPhone in which most of her nudity is stored was stolen.

However, after the phone snatcher discovered the contents as contained in the phone, the thief has further resulted into a blackmail. 

Funkelecia, however, said the thief turned blackmailer has been threatening to reease all of her nudes to the general.public and online with this mobile number, 09028878970 if she does not meet with his demands.

The blackmailer, has revealed a few clips containing her privacy to some of her friends on Facebook and her siblings, just to tell how far he is willing to go.

We, however, join Funkelecia to appeal to the entire public and relevant authorities to kindly help curb this blackmailers, as this is the current in our society. 

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