Reason Why FGN Will Not Approve N30,000 Minimum Wage

Controversial Nigerian Senator Shehu Sani, this morning has clapped back on the federal government of Nigeria, given the government’s laidback approach on the N30,000 minimum wage as proposed by the NLC.


It will be recalled that sometime weeks ago, both the federal government of Nigerian and the NLC, were both rumoured to have reached a compromise on the long proposed minimum wage by the NLC. 

However, this alleged success following a dialogue from both parties averted the nationwide shutdown industrial action as planned by the NLC at the 11th hour.

Nevertheless, fillers coming in has it that the federal government of Nigeria has embarked on a lay back attitude on the subject matter.



The federal government has further proposed a retrenchment policy, to lay off a huge workforce, should the government approve the N30,000 minimum wage. 

According to unconfirmed sources, the federal government of has allegedly said that they is no enough money to finance N30,000 minimum wage for the Nigerian populace.

Senator Shehu Sani, however, who is very disappointed with the federal government on the N30,000 minimum took to his Twitter handle to clapback on the FGN, stating how ridiculous it is for the federal government of Nigeria to be playing a fast one on the NLC.


There is enough money to pay elected officials.

There is enough money to pay political appointees.

There is enough money to pay campaign officials & foot soldiers . 

There is enough money to fund campaigns & elections.

There is not enough money to pay N30K without retrenchment.

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