Three Employees Fight Armed Robbers With A Sword

Current filters, has it that three employees from a jewellery store in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, have waged war against a gang of armed robbers who broke into the store fee moments ago.


A gang of four robbers have been stopped from ripping off a jewellery in a broad daylight robbery, by the employees of jewellery supermarket, after breaking in.

Apparently, the robbers did not expect to meet a counter attack, nevertheless upon entering through the window, they met a dead end to their robbery, as employees from the Mississauga jewellery store were fully armed with deadly swords fighting back.



This was, however revealed via a security footage, that covered the incident.

According to reports, this is the second attempt on a jewellery robber in Ontario, since May 2018.

The Toronto police division, are currently carrying out a search for the robbers.

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