Fela Durotoye Set To Drop 2019 Presidential Race

Fela Durotoye, Presidential aspirant for Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) yesterday, has issued a press statement saying; he is ready to eject off the 2019 Nigerian Presidential contention, to form an alliance with other candidates in a way to ensure that neither the PDP nor APC returns back to power

However, it will be recalled that on Wednesday 23rd January, Oby Ezekwesili stepped down from the presidential race given the said coalition


I have always believed that leadership is about service & sacrifice & today, I would like to commend Dr. (Mrs) Oby Ezekwesili @obyezeks for leading the charge to forming a viable coalition to presenting a Consensus Candidate for the 2019 Presidential elections.
To ensure an alliance is formed, and we present a united front, I AM READY to come into coalition talks with my brothers Omoyele Sowore @yelesho & Prof. Kingsley Moghalu @moghalukingsley
& to submit myself to any transparent process that will help us arrive at a selection of a Consensus Candidate from amongst us.
To be clear, if the process produces any other candidate apart from myself, I AM READY to support whoever the Consensus Candidate is and to do all I can to support the coalition to win the 2019 Presidential elections for our generation.
Once again, I implore the frontline candidates in our generation.
Let us come together and seize this historic window of opportunity for our generation to select one of us to go ahead of us … so that ALL OF US can come together and speak with one voice at the 2019 General Elections.
Together, we can do the perceived impossible.
Our generation is depending on us.
We must not let them down. ———
Fela Durotoye
Presidential Candidate
Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) @ANNigOfficial

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