Missing Footballer Emiliano Sala Still Alive

The family of Argentine striker Emiliano Sala, whose plane had allegedly gone missing while transiting from Nantes, France to Cardiff, Wales, have insisted they are not given up on the search for Sala.

According to Emiliano’s family, not until Emiliano is confirmed death they want to believe he is alive and will not relent on the search.

It will be recalled that a small plane transporting the newly signed Cardiff City striker have disappeared off the radars on Monday 20th January 2019 around Guernsey, in the English Channel.

The GUERNSEY POLICE search and rescue team had on Friday 25th January 2019 called off the search on the missing striker and pilot. However, the family has begun a private hunt for the footballer and the pilot of the missing plane in the hope that they might still be alive.

Family and friends of Emiliano Sala, have organized fundraising tagged #GoFundMe campaign, which has raised the sum of £277,000 in search of the missing footballer.

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