Toyota Recalls 1.7 Million Vehicles Worldwide Following Airbags Malfunction

Toyota automobile manufacturers have recalled 1.7 million cars in worldwide to replace it’s potentially deadly Takata front passenger airbag inflators.

This was, however, announced on Wednesday 9th January 2019 and over 1.3 million vehicles in the US have been enlisted for a recall and is said to be the most extensive series of cars recalled in the history of the Nation.

Takata inflators have been reported to have exploded with too much force, hurting both drivers and passengers as no fewer than 23 people have been allegedly killed worldwide, and hundreds reportedly been injured.

The Toyota recall includes the 4Runner (2010 through 2016 models), the Corolla and Matrix (2010 through 2013 models), and the Sienna (2011 through 2014 models).

Also covered are Lexus models including the ES 350 (2010 through 2012 models), the GX 460 (2010 through 2017 models), the IS 250C and 350C (2010 through 2015 models),  and the IS-F (2010 through 2014 models). The Scion XB (2010 through 2015 models) are also enlisted for a recall.

According to reports, Takata Airbag manufacturers used a chemical ammonium nitrate to create a small explosion to inflate the airbags.
However, it has been noted that the chemicals can deteriorate in its properties over time due to high humidity and change in temperatures causing it to explode.

All Toyota and Lexus dealers will either replace the inflators or the entire airbag assembly system with equipment made by other manufacturers that do not contain ammonium nitrate chemicals. Owners with affected cars will be notified by mail or other means in late January.

For more details on affected cars, owners can check to see if their vehicles have been recalled by going to or by imputing license plate/vehicle identification no.

Toyota’s recall is part of a process of replacing Takata inflators.
According to speculations, major Car makers are scheduled to replace 10 million starting this month. Ford and Honda have already announced recalls.

The recalls have forced Takata of Japan to seek bankruptcy protection and sell most of its assets to pay for the fixes.

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