Do we bring out the best in our ‘celebs’?

One of our most treasured rights as citizens has to be the right to air all our views, even when they don’t exactly make any sense. What’s even more satisfying is knowing that we can go on social media hiding behind phone and PC screens to let out just anything and everything. The question is how far is too far?

Over the weekend, Davido was on the news again for body-shaming a lady on his IG stories. We saw the fallout between him and the Instagram user identified as T.Lolo, who called him out over his choice of political candidate and for trying to influence people’s choices.

It wasn’t the first time he was getting criticized for that but with the way he reacted, that one really hit him hard. So, OBO went straight on to slam this lady and worse still talk about her body in a condescending way.

As was expected, he got even more backlash for that.

Fast forward to Sunday, 17th February, Davido took to twitter and Instagram, this time to apologize to this lady and to every woman who may have been thrown off by his derogatory statements. Davido went on to reiterate that he has and will always have so much respect and regard for women and that he’s only human, prone to making mistakes.


See the post below:

You might be one of those people who would choose to go on a rant about how distasteful you find his reaction, especially since this isn’t the first time the star is going all off like that. But can we just hold on for a minute and see the other side to this? These celebrities are put under so much pressure on a regular and trust that if you aren’t wearing their shoes, you might never know just how heavy or uncomfortable they are.

Yes, it’s important that everyone has some level of control over their emotions, especially if you’re a public figure, but it’s also important to always remember that the people on the receiving end are human too. So, ask yourself every time you want to drop that harsh comment, “If I was the one getting this, how would it make me feel?” The next time you want to hurl unpleasant comments at one of these people, take a moment, answer that question , then decide if you want to hit ‘post’ or be more constructive with your criticism.

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