Meet Prophet Temitope Aduroja The Man Who Prophesied 2019 Election Postponement

following INEC’s decision on election postponement, currently trending on our cyberspace is Prophet Temitope Aduroja, a prophet who prophesied the 2019 election postponement.

It will be recalled that in January 2019, Prophet Temitope had prophesied that the Nigerian elections would not hold in February and indeed today Nigerians have witnessed a reality of his prophecy.


1) The YEAR 2019 presidential election Will not hold in February as proposed by INEC. It is going to be postponed to another month

2). 2019 Presidential election Will be tough and at the same time, it’s going to be interesting more than year 2015 election. Many dramas will begin to unfold between now till election day.

3) Northerners will shock Nigerians in the coming presidential election. The results of some Northern States will surprise many people. It’s going to be contrary to expectations cum popular belief.

4) I see a new President in Nigeria in year 2019. He’s going to win at least 20 States out of 36. This is going to shock many people. The incumbent President will have no choice than to accept defeat. I will release the State by State analysis 2days to the presidential election the way I did in year 2015.

5) Once the new president emerge, The present executive Governor of Osun State should get ready to vacate office because the Man who truly won the election will reclaim his mandate.

6) Kwara State Governorship election is going to be tough this time. It is not going to be business as usual. It will take a Miracle for Bukola Saraki’s candidate to win the election.

7) Again, Senator Bukola Saraki will be return as the Senate president of Nigeria in year 2019.

8) Governor Yaya Bello of Kogi State will be disgrace in year 2019

9) Despite the harassments, Threats and intimidation of Federal and State power against Dino Melaye, He will still return to the red chamber in year 2019.



10) Lagos State presidential election result will shock many Nigerians this time more than year 2015.

11) Governor Isiaka Ajimobi of Oyo, Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun and Rochas Okorocha of Imo State will not achieve their ambition of becoming Senator. The trio will be defeated.

12) Prices of foodstuffs will continue to skyrocket.

13. APC will lose IMO State Governorship election this time.

14) Ogun State 2019 Governorship election is going to be interesting. APC may lose.

15) Oyo State Governorship election is going to be interesting. The party that wins the presidential election will win the Governorship election in Oyo State.

16) President Buhari is likely to reduce the Pump price of petrol before the coming presidential election. This is a targeted attempt to woo voters in order to vote for him but unfortunately, it won’t work.

17) APC Governorship candidates should forget winning Rivers and Akwa Ibom State. The current Governor of those States will retain their seat.

18) Senator Sheu Sani should forget about 2019. He won’t return to the red chamber.

19) 2019 Governorship election will be different from 2015. It’s going to base on achievements and personality contest. Some Governors in the North will not return. Buhari’s factors won’t work for them.

20) The current Governor of Enugu, Rivers, Cross River, Delta and Akwa Ibom will be reelected in year 2019.

21) A Popular Southwest Politician (Name withheld) needs serious prayer to survive year 2019.

22) If 2019 Presidential election is rig at final stage, People will know the man who truly win the race like that of Osun State. This may lead to anarchy. International community will call president Buhari to order.

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