Possible Reasons Why 2face Publicly apologised

    Early Monday morning, Nigerian pop singer 2face Idibia tendered a public apology to his wife, Annie Idibia  via twitter…

few minutes after, on Annie’s Instagram Story we saw a write up from the Nollywood actress which read

“Most important lesson learnt the hard way” , “be Picky with whom you invest your time in, wasted time is more than wasted money” her IG status read.  See Photo      

The singer also apologized to his longtime manager, Efe Omoroegbe as well. So what could have been responsible for this? here’s what we Think!

First! , He Cheated and Impregnated Someone again!

If there’s anything 2 face is known for , it is his infamous promiscuous lifestyle before marriage. Prior to his marriage with Annie, he had several kids from different mothers (Notably Pero Adeniyi and Sumbo Ajaba) due to his philandering nature. Giving the repeated use of the F-word in the first and 2nd tweet, we believe he must have carried out the act the word implies.

Secondly, A publicity stunt is another option as is frequently done by celebrities most time for a new project, for 2face a song perhaps, just as we saw with comedian Seyi law few days ago when he sparked rumours of break up. 

Thirdly, 2baba may just be seeking attention on behalf of himself and his wife! attention is part of relevance to the hustle. Or maybe his account got hacked! 


Tell us what you think!

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