Wife Fought And Stabs Husband To Death

Mrs. Mary Adeniyi, a 19 years old Nigerian lady, has said to have killed her husband with a knife, while the duo was engaged in a fight.

According to Mrs. Mary, who confessed to the crime, said her husband had relentlessly accused her of sleeping with other men.

Speaking on the incident, PRO to the Lagos State Police Command Chike Oti, stated that the late husband was fond of attacking his wife of infidelity.


“The man has been accusing his wife of infidelity. A fight broke out between the couple when the man accused her again on Friday. The suspect grabbed a knife and stabbed the man on the neck. The man died on the spot.”

Mrs. Mary, however, said she was angry and ran out of control.

“I never knew when I grabbed hold of a kitchen knife and stabbed him out of anger. I never meant to kill him. I regret my action and ask for forgiveness,” Mrs. Mary Adeniyi stated.

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