Football lawmakers the International FA Board (IFAB) have announced a set of new rules which will be implemented from next season.

Varieties of major changes to the law of football will come in from next season as the IFAB looks to eradicate errors, cheating and time-wasting.

They include substituted players can leave the pitch anywhere, accidental handball goals won’t count, no attacking players in the wall and coaches will receive cards, among others.

The IFAB meeting decided on the changes, which come into effect in June.

Among the rules are:

A goalkeeper will  now only need to have one foot on his line while saving penalties

     2. Handballs inside the area

      From June 1, goals scored that have hit a player’s hand – accidentally or      deliberate – will not be allowed.

3. Substituted players can leave the field anywhere

When a player is withdrawn they will no longer have to leave the field at the halfway line and will instead be permitted to leave the pitch at the nearest point.

Currently, unless it’s on a stretcher, a player coming off must be replaced on halfway.

4. Players can touch the ball in the area after a goalkeeper kicks it out

5. Coaches will receive cards
Currently, coaches only receive verbal warnings for misconduct, but the change will see them receiving yellows and reds as players do.

It will likely be similar to the EFL law adopted last year, where managers can also receive a one-game suspension.

What do you think of the rules? Good or boring for the game?

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