Voter Apathy, Under Age Voting Mars Election

The 2019 Gubernatorial and State House of Assembly elections experienced low turnout almost ridiculed the process Nigeria elects their leaders at the state level.

The March 9th election which held in 29 states has witnessed poor voters turn out and again, the resurgence of children below the age of 18 with permanent voters card.

Most electorates blamed the poor number of voters to loss of faith in the Electoral Body (Independent Electoral Commission INEC) , The electoral system and poor governance. Other Nigerians felt that since their votes did not reflect at the February 2nd presidential election, it wouldn’t count.

However, There were pockets of Violence in Rivers state where footages of armed military persons were snatching ballots. In lagos state a BBC Pidgin news reporter was slapped, Desmond Elliot survived an attack and in Imo state The Cable New’s reporter was man handled.

Tell us if you voted in the march 9th election and if you didn’t why?

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