American rapper, Nipsey Hussle dead

33 year old rapper, Nipsey Hussle was killed on Sunday in a shooting outside his store in South Los Angeles.

Hussle was a well-known community organizer who was involved in notable community projects.

He was shot multiple times and rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Reports say the attack was gang-related.

In an interview with The Times in 2018, Hussle said he had managed to develop a love of music and technology while struggling with a gang culture.

In his words:

 “I grew up in gang culture. We dealt with death, with murder. It was like living in a war zone, where people die on these blocks and everybody is a little bit immune to it. I guess they call it post-traumatic stress, when you have people that have been at war for such a long time. I think L.A. suffers from that because it’s not normal yet we embrace it like it is after a while.”

He also confirmed in a 2014 interview with YouTube channel Vlad TV, that he had joined the Rollin’ 60s, a notorious Crips gang clique, as a teen.

In the meantime, investigators are still seeking a motive for the shooting

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