57 US Police Officers Resigns Following Anti-Racism Protests

It has been three weeks since the death of George Floyd and the death of Rayshard Brook last week in Atlanta Georgia who was shot by the U.S Police last week.

Since then, the U.S criminal justice system have been called out following series of protest and frontline national conversation with Millions calling for changes in the policing system across North America.

Protesters have continued to call on leaders for the accountability of police officers and a defund if the police department following recent killings.

Leaders however  have started to respond by signing orders will change how police departments operate, promising further reform and acting quickly on incidents of police brutality that have surfaced in recent weeks.

The U.S. Police Department have continued to face series of crisis following anti-racism protest and some officers have now opted to walk away dropping their badges.

In Minneapolis
In Minneapolis, at least seven police officers have resigned since protests sparked by Floyd’s death in late May took over the city’s streets and the entire world. More than half a dozen officers are also in the process of leaving, a city spokesman revelled to CNN.

The number of officers who are no longer with the department doesn’t include the four men who were involved in Floyd’s death and were fired, according to Casper Hill, the city’s spokesperson.

“There’s nothing that leads us to believe that at this point the numbers are so great that it’s going to be problematic,” police spokesman John Elder told the Minneapolis Star Tribune of the departing officers, which include both patrol officers and detectives.

“People seek to leave employment for a myriad reasons — the MPD is no exception,” Elder said.

Members of the police department have continued to condemn the actions Derek Chauvin, the officer who pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes  in an open letter last week.

“Derek Chauvin failed as a human and stripped George Floyd of his dignity and life. This is not who we are,” said the letter, signed by 14 officers. “We’re not the union or the administration,” the letter says.

In Atlanta

Atlanta became the epicentre of the #BlackLivesMatters protests this week after another Black man Rayshard Brook was shot in the back and killed last Friday night in Atlanta Georgia. Following Rayshard Brook’s killing,  The Atlanta’s police chief have stepped down and the officer who killed the 27-year-old father was fired from the police department instantly.

Atlanta police said in a statement eight officers have resigned from the department just this month.

“Our personnel data indicates that we have had anywhere from two to six officers resign per month in 2020,” Atlanta police said in a statement.

In South Florida

In South Florida, 10 officers have resigned from their city’s SWAT unit over concerns about safety; stating they feel “restrained by the politicization of their tactics,”

The officers who sent a letter to Hallandale Beach Police Chief Sonia Quinones, said they were
“minimally equipped, and often times restrained by the politicization of our tactics to the extent of placing the safety of dogs over the safety of the team members.”

“Until these conditions and sentiments are rectified and addressed, we cannot safely, effectively and in good faith carry out duties in this capacity without putting ourselves and our families at this needless increased level of risk,” the officers wrote.

The officers resigned only from the SWAT unit, not from the police department, Hallandale Beach City Manager Greg Chavarria said.

The Police Chief told CNN Monday night she was “extremely disappointed” in the officers’ decision.

“They walked away from their assignment, they never talked to me in advance and let me know their concerns,” she said. “If we’re not connecting and we’re not communicating, then we’re not resolving concerns.”

In Buffalo

In Buffalo, New York, 57 officers resigned from the force’s emergency response team over the suspension of two police officers who were caught in a video pushing a senior protesting to the ground.

John Evans; Buffalo Police Benevolent Association president stated in a statement with WGRZ that,

“The Fifty-seven resigned in disgust because of the treatment of two of their members, who were simply executing orders,”

The two officers captured on video have been charges with assault for pushing down a 75 year old senior who was protesting to the ground and left bleeding from the head

The 57 officers that turned in their resignation did not quit from the force — but made up the entire active emergency response team of the department.

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