10-year old Nigerian Comedian gifts mom a house



When Emmanuella came into limelight years ago, she was only that ‘smart’ little girl who could make us laugh, and also had a lot of potential.

It was her first time on an episode of Mark Angel’s comedy and she killed it!

Years later, the Emmanuella brand has grown remarkably,  and it’s safe to say it’s not just ‘potentials’ anymore.

This kid has worked hard and her folks are sure getting a chunk of the rewards.

Young Emmanuella just gifted her mom a house – a well furnished bungalow, and has promised to build her a mansion next.

The child star shared the news on her Instagram  page.

She wrote: 

I built this for you mom. For all the prayers, all the encouragement and support. Mummy I know you said you want a portable house and this is it. But forgive me because I must complete ur mansion for you next year. Don’t worry it won’t make us go to hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣 my super Christmas mummy. I love you.


Proud mom moment 🥰


Well, are you crying ? Because… 😢😢😢

Congratulations to the latest landlords!

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