You might be inspired to start eating raw meat after this



Or not…

Some people like their meat boiled, some like their meat grilled, and some others like it fried.

Normal people, yeah?

Well, there are also people like Wendy Marshall who enjoy consuming raw meat.

And yes, they are still very much alive.

This begs the question “could eating raw meat be less dangerous than we think?”

I’m not the one to answer that question.

If you’re looking for an answer, you may want to ask Wendy.

The mother of one and adult entertainer has several videos of herself enjoying her meat raw and here’s one of them :

Wendy Marshall is certainly not the only one walking this path.

In 2019, a 56-year-old mother of two admitted to dumping her vegan lifestyle to embrace a raw meat diet.

Eva LaRoche was confident that she had become healthier than ever.

Credit: PA real life

According to her, there was an overall remarkable improvement to her health, particularly in the aspect of bowel movement.

LaRoche also said she felt a lot more fitter and stronger.

Credit: PA real life

Raw meat consumption isn’t new in the world of food enthusiasts.

As weird as it may sound, most people who have chosen the ‘carnivore’ lifestyle claim that in addition to making them feel healthier, it boosts energy levels and increases sex drive. (Ahem…)

Not sure what to make of this unusual information but I’m surely not trying raw meat in this lifetime and maybe you shouldn’t too.

However, if you would love to explore the possibilities, be sure to do some extra research, because what’s good for Wendy and her cohorts, might be the end of you.

Just saying…



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