Donald Trump to be absent at Biden’s inauguration



Donald Trump says he will not be attending the Biden-Harris inauguration.

Two days after the US Capitol was invaded by a mob in his name, President Donald Trump has announced that he will not be present at the inauguration of Joe Biden, slated to hold on January 20, 2021.

He made this known via a tweet on Friday, January 8, 2021, barely 24 hours after he was banned temporarily from Twitter.

Trump who has been playing “the sore loser” since the election results were announced; undermining Biden’s victory and questioning the integrity of the elections, seems to have finally conceded.

However, snubbing Biden’s inauguration would be proof that he’s still unwilling to take part in a peaceful handover – a tradition which has run for so many years.

Notwithstanding, Vice-President, Mike Pence announced that he would be attending the swearing-in come January 20.

Recall that during the attack on Wednesday, Pence had taken a stance, openly condemning the attack on the capitol.

Reports say he went further to unfollow President Trump on Twitter.

No one knows what Trump would be getting up to on that day, but hopefully there would not be any more chaos.

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